of Manson

Allisons of Manson has been an icon of the town of Manson for as long

as many can remember. Founded by Nicky Allison with help from her

husband John, the store has her heart and soul within it. It has

captured the hearts of the residents of Chelan valley and anyone

fortunate to walk through it's doors. In acquiring the store from Nicky

and John, my wife Sally and I promised to maintain the character,

elegance, dignity and uniqueness that has made Allisons a required

stop for all who reside here and vacation here. We hope to bring a

renewed energy to the business, a constantly evolving experience and

offer ever changing products for all who visit us to honor the Allison

name and continue to make Allisons a thriving part of the town of

Manson and the Lake Chelan community. Sally and I hope to ensure

that every visit you find something

new and each time you visit us brightens your day.

We hope to see you soon.

Lance & Sally Stark